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 The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TV Series 1982–1983)

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PostSubject: The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TV Series 1982–1983)   Fri Oct 19, 2012 6:44 pm

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TV Series 1982–1983) was a cartoon that introduced me to some pretty deep and sometimes pretty dark concepts as a young kid. by the time I saw it ( I believe on Nickelodeon ) it was closer being between 87-89. and was a huge influence on the type of Movies/Books I would end up gravitating toward till even today.

Chariots of the gods, without mentioning Alien Involvement , Here is the Wiki

This was the first time I had ever watched something that usually stayed in a dark and dramatic tone. the drawn style may have come off a bit lighthearted , but the story almost never was. Sometimes it was Down Right Brutal! Spanish solders slaughtering native people, tribal retaliation violence , Cannons being shot into a line of solders, A Giant Golden Condor Mech destroying a bridge full of solders, killing them all....and the Condor is piloted by the child protagonist of the story! IT WAS GLORIOUS!

The animation was not only good, it was consistent quality. 39 episodes of one constant story, and not one bit of that story seems watered down after all these years, as I recently went back and watched the entire thing, and I think I like it more now than when I was a kid.

But what do YOU think? Am I the only one that liked this cartoon, or even remembers it? and if you didn't see it, do you think it looks interesting?

so yea, just throwing this out there.............................
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The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TV Series 1982–1983)
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