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 Tosh.0 is racist shit.

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Tosh.0 is racist shit. Empty
PostSubject: Tosh.0 is racist shit.   Tosh.0 is racist shit. I_icon_minitimeWed May 22, 2013 8:42 pm

So I totally went all "Hadley Rant" on facebook today:

As if I didn't hate that fucking Tosh to begin with, then he posts this! (http://tosh.comedycentral.com/blog/2013/05/22/can-you-guess-whats-off-about-this-photo) asking what's WRONG with this photo and the punchline is "mixed race couples" Fucking RACIST!

So apparently it's WRONG for people to marry outside their race?! Oh no! These white people married Asians - and that's SO WRONG that it's become funny. Fuck you Tosh! Is there even a joke here or are you just being racist? I know plenty of people in mixed marriages and I'm pretty sure plenty of them would be prepared to tell Tosh what an insensitive prick he is.

What kind of fucking idea of humor is this? Just post a picture with a racist comment and let all kinds people continue with ever increasingly hateful and tasteless comments. You're not a comedian, Tosh, you are just a hatemongering racist and you shouldn't be allowed in the entertainment industry if this kind of thing is what you consider entertainment.

I sent an e-mail to Comedy Central as well as their parent company, Viacom (http://www.viacom.com/Contact/Pages/default.aspx) about this, expressing the fact that I can no longer support a television channel that's going to give a show to a guy that thinks racism is entertainment. I'm not going to watch a channel who decides to give a public voice and money for a person to make jokes about how wrong it is for people to marry outside their race. I suggest anyone else who's offended by Tosh do the same.

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Tosh.0 is racist shit. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tosh.0 is racist shit.   Tosh.0 is racist shit. I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 1:28 pm

Daniel Tosh does a Youtube clip show, aimed at a Youtube viewing audience.

Replace the word "Youtube" in this article with his name, "Daniel Tosh," and it begins to make sense.

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Tosh.0 is racist shit.
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