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 A little feedback

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PostSubject: A little feedback   A little feedback I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 28, 2013 5:48 pm

Since jackalope has/had a few problems with updating its archive I took myself a break for a couple of weeks. Now after catching up and having listened to the latest shows I can only admire how you guys can go through all these amazingly stupid stories each week.

Being from europe it certainly gives a nice perspective. However... things over here are crappy as well. The euro currency crisis is affecting everything. People in Greece on the streets and calling the germans nazis... I guess because we german tax payers saved their asses one too many times. People in Italy on the streets because the politicians can't get together a working government for weeks. People in France on the streets because of high unemployment and because of the fact that recently the government allowed gay marriage and everything that comes with it. Somehow it's crazy all over the planet... and it's not getting better. Incompetent, out of touch governments. It's a tragedy. =(

Oh and tv is getting worse with each week as well.

You guys really need to make more advertising for the forums here. Very Happy

Keep up the nice work Josh, Jillian, Hart and Charley


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A little feedback
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