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 MentalCast: Now Available Exclusively Through Geek Juice!

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PostSubject: MentalCast: Now Available Exclusively Through Geek Juice!   Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:13 am

Figured I'd put this out there. If you go to the Mental TV Network site, you'll notice that clicking on the "MentalCast" section takes you to the GJM archive. This is a brand-new initiative to drive home the partnership between Mental and Geek Juice Media (as well as save time posting episodes multiple places; not gonna lie), that MentalCast is now produced by Mental exclusively for Geek Juice Media! This is also now the case for Home Video Invasion. Both sections on the menu of the Mental home page have been replaced by a redirect to their respective archives. My hope is not just for more viewership (which, Alex's site is quite a bit more popular than my own, so that's pretty much a given), but also to strengthen the partnership between Mental and Geek Juice. I enjoy being a part of this site; no better way to show it than make some shows exclusive to Geek Juice.

This doesn't, of course, mean that these shows will not be appearing at the Mental site anymore. When a new episode goes live, it'll still be featured on the main page, with a redirect to its entry on this site. Big thank you to Alex for making this possible (it's kinda why I wanted to include him in the return of HVI, though there's no doubt he gave me comedy gold).

Hope everyone enjoys MentalCast and Home Video Invasion, now exclusive to Geek Juice!

Home Video Invasion
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MentalCast: Now Available Exclusively Through Geek Juice!
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