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 Site Changes

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PostSubject: Site Changes   Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:38 pm

As we continue to grow and bring on new contributors with a good stream of new content to the site being added daily I had to change some things with the site's structure. If you'll notice, there are no longer drop down menus with every button on the main page - all site features are now listed individually under the respective pages VIDEOS or ARTICLES or PODCASTS AND STREAMS (which still gets a drop down).

Now we have a greater focus on contributor pages. What to see who does what and check out their content, simply click their name on the left hand side of the main page and you'll get a detailed list of all they do. Stay tuned for new content and updates as we continue to grow.

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Tom Badguy
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PostSubject: Re: Site Changes   Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:47 pm

If you could find a way to make the organization on the home page not like the one on TGWTG, that would be great. Plus, better design on the buttons for the contributors would be great. Also, a bigger banner would give the page more style. The top of the page just looks dead with all that black and nothing filling it. I would have kept the drop downs along with the contributor links and just gotten rid of that mess at the bottom with the featured shows and featured articles. Maybe instead of calling in "Video" you can call it "Shows." I would also separate Podcasts and Streams and make them their own selections instead of just one(also, this will fill more space at the top as well). Use the title slide for all new content(yes, that means making a slide for every new post) and use posts on the main pages for site updates, new shows(like Game Riffs) or for posts you do before a show starts(like a reminder that Geek Juice Radio airs tonight at blah, blah, blah). Furthermore, I would organize the contributor names on the left alphabetically, that way you don't make it seem like it is some rank of importance(some people are douche bags and think that way). Also, a change of color scheme might be good. It's pretty much black, grey and white. I would experiment with more shades if you're going for a darker layout.

This was just supposed to be one sentence but I rambled on. At the very least, title cards and feature display for every new piece of content so everyone can have their time in the sun. You would probably have to set up some sort of weekly scheduling for it, meaning, everyone contacts you or whoever is in charge of it that they will have content for the week. This way you can plan it out and it will be more organized, or something to this effect, you know what I mean. I'm sure all your contributors would appreciate it.

2 cents delivered.

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Site Changes
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