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 CinemaPlus1 - A Podcast on Current Film

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PostSubject: CinemaPlus1 - A Podcast on Current Film   CinemaPlus1 - A Podcast on Current Film I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 14, 2013 1:10 am

CinemaPlus1 - A Podcast on Current Film Cinema-plus1

Hey boyos and goils of Geek Juice. Alessandro here (chat member and occasional participant of Mentalcast and You Can't Be Serious) ((does that make me a Z list internet celeb, haha just kidding))

This is my podcast I do with my magazine job where we talk about the current films coming out, as well as a film subject. This latest episode is our 5 worst films of 2012. It's episode 5 and if you guys like it, I'll post more of them! I would really love some feedback too, even the negative stuff (constructive obviously), as I'm always wanting to make the podcast better.

Here's the page link on the magazine website: http://www.pressplus1.com/cinemaplus1/cinemaplus1-episode-5-worst-movies-of-2012

Here's the description:
CinemaPlus1 - Episode 5: Worst Movies of 2012

In This Episode: - We count down the worst films we saw in 2012! With Alexander Hutt, Nick Watson and Lindsay Marshall!

- Kenny Loggins has a suprise cameo! (Well not really)

- Lindsay admits something completely suprising; she actually likes a Anne Hathaway performance!

- Nick shows us just how professional he is, with cats, chips, and trains oh my! Just kidding Nick we still love you!

- Alex tells us what he thinks....wait - doesn't he do that every episode?

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CinemaPlus1 - A Podcast on Current Film
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